Polished Concrete Floors Getting Older? Hire A Concrete Floor Resurfacing Company


Polished concrete floors are a popular choice for commercial and residential properties because they are durable, low maintenance, and have a modern aesthetic. However, over time, these floors can become worn, stained, or damaged, making them less attractive and less functional. Polished concrete floor resurfacing is an effective solution to restore the appearance and functionality of a worn or damaged polished concrete floor. Below is information on how polished concrete floor resurfacing works, as well as the benefits this offers you.

8 May 2023

3 Reasons To Put Epoxy Flooring In Your Garage


Are you looking for new flooring for your garage? You have a lot of different options to choose from, including concrete, tile, vinyl, and even rubber. However, one option you may want to consider is epoxy coating. Epoxy is a resin mix that includes many different additives. It is rolled onto your garage floor and provides a hardened surface with a shiny glossy finish. Epoxy is usually applied to concrete floors, but it can be used on a variety of surfaces.

5 December 2022

Everything You Need To Know Before Installing Epoxy Floors In A Residential Garage


If you dream of turning your home's garage into an amazing workspace, then installing epoxy flooring is a must. Epoxy floors not only look amazing but are also very durable. In case you aren't familiar with epoxy flooring, here is everything you need to know. Epoxy Flooring Installation Basics Your garage's epoxy flooring will be applied to the existing concrete slab. The concrete will be machine-polished to remove as many surface imperfections as possible.

9 February 2022